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Among the most critical issues for combat survivors is to know that they are not alone.

There are several good sites where spouses and veterans can ask questions and discuss issues about returning to their culture of origin – about finding their way home.


Her Voice Her War

Whether walking down a street, through an airport, or across a parade field, a military uniform signifies service. War. Strength. Pride. And sacrifice. We all know that uniform embodies courage and valor. But what of those who wear no uniform? What of those on the battlefield here at home?
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Not Alone provides programs, resources, and services to warriors and families impacted by combat stress and PTSD through a confidential and anonymous community.

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This machine is for all who suffer from physical injuries but can help the family at home to heal as well. Our TherapyCycle PC will allow them to get online and cycle and interact with the patient. They can walk and talk together in reality worlds or just play games together. In this way they are both staying active and staying, giving loved ones a way to actively participate in their recovery.Listen to interview with Lisa Daily the owner of Therapy Trainer CLICK HEREDisclosure: There is no financial connection whatever between Therapy Trainer and anyone involved with whenourtroopscomhome.comThe information provided about this product is intended solely as support for our troops, veterans, and their families. More Useful Links


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