The Effects of Combat Induced Traumatic Stress (PTSD) On The Life Partners and Children of Our Troops and Veterans

Information compiled by Ken Jones, PhD

The purpose of this outreach effort is to raise awareness of the issues that our warriors and their families face as the result of combat induced post traumatic stress.

Life partners and the children of combat survivors are exposed to secondary post traumatic stress as the result of living in a family with a combat survivor.

 Information for Those Who Want to Help

What is PTSD?

Invisible Wounds of War RAND Corp study of post-traumatic stress disorder, major depression, and traumatic brain injury among returning troops from Iraq and Afghanistan

Which symptoms of PTSD do the most damage? PhysOrg

Partners with PTSD  Dr. Franck Ochberg An excellent description of the symptoms of post traumatic stress.

Life After Combat  Ken Jones, PhD An explanation of the process of being traumatized during combat.  (Graphic descriptions of combat)

Deployment Issues for Families and Children

Understanding Post Deployment Stress Symptoms  Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress

Common Needs and Feelings of Family Members After Deployment  American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

How Deployment Stress Affects Children and Families  US Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Longer Parental Deployment Linked to More Emotional Challenges for Military Children Summary of a RAND Corp Study

When Memories of Past Interrupt the Present  E.C. Hurley, PhD

Traumatic Stress and Families

Why We Must Tend to the Children of Our Veterans  Leila Levinson

Children of Veterans and Adults with PTSD  The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress  This fact sheet explains common problems experienced by children of veterans with combat post traumatic stress.

When a Child’s Parent Has PTSD Jennifer L. Price, PhD National Center for PTSD

 PTSD Reactions in Children The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children

 Heart Conversations Question and answer conversations with two military wives about how to understand their husbands with combat induced traumatic stress.

 Resources and Recovery

 Hope in Sharing  Melissa Seligman

Effective Treatments for Youth Trauma  National Child Traumatic Stress Network

 Compassion Fatigue and Secondary PTSD  Dr. Frank Ochberg (video 7 min)

Facing Bad Memories at The Wall… and Moving On Leaving PTSD Behind  Recovery is possible at any time. “The only way to get past the anxiety is through it, not to avoid it.” US Dept. of Veteran Affairs

A Review of the Impact of PTSD on the Veterans Family  A summary of research.  Institute for Veterans and Military Families – Syracuse University

 When Our Troops Come Home Ken Jones, PhD One warrior’s experience working through combat induced post traumatic stress.

National Location Directory for Vet Centers by State Vet Centers provide individual and family counseling for post traumatic stress for active duty military and veterans.

Any consults or counseling provided to active duty military members are strictly confidential. Information fromVetCentercontacts DO NOT appear in military records.

 Post Traumatic Growth Inventory  American Psychological Association