How to Make a Simple Edit a Page
This is a simple how to edit and save an existing WordPress.

How to Upload and Insert an Image
It is best viewed the full page. This is the same process for a page and a post.

How to Create a Post and Add an Image
All your post are created by “adding post” they are automatically placed on the menu tabs under “What’s New”

How to Add Images and Create a “NexGEN” Gallery
You can create galleries to add to your page or post.
You can pick different layouts. Practice making a gallery. You can always delete it.


Tutorials using other websites as examples

WordPress Basics 1
How to log in, add a new page, change navigation, add a post.

How to Add an Image to a Post

How to Add Text, Image, to a Page and Create a Navigation Button 

Difference Between a Post and a Page
YouTube Movie

Inserting Images into Posts and Pages
Wordpress Help

How to Adjust Image Size in a Post or a Page
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