Our PTSD Outreach Project on Twitter and Facebook

On Twitter #SOT means “Support Our Troops!”

Hi everybody!

This week our #SOT community and other volunteers are coming together for a concerted volunteer outreach effort. We want to raise awareness about the effects of combat induced PTSD on our warriors’ families and children.

We do this through outreach efforts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social media venues.

This outreach effort will run from Tuesday May 15th through Sunday May 19th.

How do we get the word out about this combat PTSD outreach effort?

On Twitter

Links and sample tweets for this combat PTSD content is provided below.

During the designated time our #SOT community and volunteers tweet the sample tweets to the PTSD content twice per day. (Some people prefer to be more active than this, and for that we are especially grateful.)

Copy and save the following two tweets to be sent between May 15th and May 19th.

Below is the link for the FREE information about how combat PTSD affects our warrior’s spouses and children.

What is the effect of combat post traumatic stress on our warriors’ spouse and children?   http://bit.ly/L4cqlD

To ask others to help with this outreach project send this tweet.

Please help raise awareness about what combat post traumatic stress is doing to our warriors’ spouse and children. http://bit.ly/L4cqlD

On Facebook and Google+

Combat induced post traumatic stress has serious effects on the spouses and children of our troops and veterans.

This week I am helping with an outreach project to raise awareness about the affects of combat post traumatic stress that are already showing up among families in our local communities.

Please help by sharing this link http://bit.ly/L4cqlD

Thank you for your help with this PTSD awareness effort for our warriors families, and children.

Ken Jones, PhD

Advocate, speaker, and author of content supporting our troops, veterans, and their families who continue to live with the effects of combat induced post traumatic stress.

** I am not a clinician. The information I provide about combat PTSD and recovery is based on my personal experience and observations living with combat PTSD for the past 40+ years